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The Township of Champlain, the perfect setting for you!

In this day and age, everybody is looking for a competitive edge. What if you are simply looking for a convenient business location and slowing your pace of living? The Township of Champlain may very well have what you’re looking for…

The Township of Champlain is located just one hour’s drive from three major markets – Ottawa, Montreal and Cornwall – moving your goods or services by road or by air (Mirabel, specialized in cargo freight, is only one hour away) will prove easy. Our business park still has one location (approximately 1.5 acres) up for sale at a very reasonable price. If you are thinking of putting up a building, this could be your spot! On the skills front, many experienced workers live in our area and they would prove an asset to your operations. Not a factor to be overlooked in the business world, a healthy portion of these skilled workers are bilingual, which will make client relations more efficient.

On a human perspective, we think our main asset is our 9,000 residents. Deeply rooted families still have strong ties to agriculture, while others have branched off into business and services. Our residents have always been very friendly and community-oriented. Even in this 21st century, family-run businesses, associations and events abound. You have a family? There are many schools from which you can choose. Homes remain affordable and they are located in some of the nicest meadows of Eastern Ontario. To sum it up : accessibility, available workforce, bilingual setting, quiet country life at your doorstep…. We would be pleased to have you get established here!

Any question?  Contact Economic Developpement Department at 613-678-3003.  

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