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  1. Restrictions period
  2. Roads where restrictions do not apply

 Reduced truck loads during spring thaw (half loads)

This season Reduced Loads (Half-loads) Restrictions Thawing Period has ended on April 8, 2024.

This is to advise truckers and shippers that half load restrictions will start on February 28, 2024 on all roads and streets that are under the jurisdiction of the Township of Champlain. The enforcement of weight restriction regulations will commence once the signs are erected. Champlain Township, along with the Ontario Provincial Police and the Ministry of Transportation, will be monitoring truck and equipment haulage activity.

To obtain further information related to special overweight permits, please consult the United Counties of Prescott and Russell website.

 Roads where full loads are allowed

  • County Road 2
  • County Road 7
  • County Road 9
  • County Road 10
  • County Road 14
  • County Road 17
  • County Road 19
  • County Road 31
  • County Road 34
  • Highway 417 

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