Fall leaves

Twice a year, Champlain Township collects compostable materials. Notices will be posted on our website and in local newspapers.

Compostable material (leaves, grass and cedar clippings) must be in:

  • biodegradable bags
  • transparent plastic bags
  • brown paper bags

Small branches have to be bundled in small packages not exceeding 6 feet in length.

You can also drop off compostable material at the landfill located on 1897 Cassburn Road, L'Orignal, ON K0B 1K0

Open on Saturday mornings

9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Driver's identification will be required to enter and to drop off material.

Municipal Landfill

Dry construction waste

Open from May 5 to November 3, 2018

Saturday 9 :00 a.m. – 12 :00 p.m.

Compostable material (leaves, branches)

Open until November 17, 2018

Saturday 9 :00 a.m. – 12 :00 p.m.



Rate (cash only)

Passenger vehicle/trailer
(All loads (excluding contractors) regardless of size/type. The vehicle/trailer will be measured and charged a rate per cubic foot.)

$0.55 (per foot³)

All tires – without rims – maximum 4 per person – must be able to leave name and address from who and where the tires came from


All tires – in excess of the maximum 4 per person – without rims

10,00 $ per tire

All tires – with rims

25,00 $ per tire

Additional charge: Items with coolant or refrigerant (air conditioner, refrigerator). Refrigerant must be removed and tagged by licensed contractor prior to acceptance

10,00 $ per item

Single axle vehicle (maximum 10 yards³)

150,00 $

Tandem axle vehicle (maximum 18 yards³)

260,00 $

Tri-axle vehicle (maximum 24 yards³)

350,00 $

Quantities dropped off in excess of maximum

15,00 $ per yard³

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