Prevent frozen water pipes

Water frozen

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Plumber iconeFrozen Water Pipes

Due to ongoing cold temperatures, it is possible for poorly insulated or shallow water services to freeze. Champlain Township is reminding municipal water users to take voluntary measures to minimize the chances of experiencing frozen water pipes.

Did you know? As the weather gets milder, frost can potentially be driven deeper, putting your pipes at increased risk of freezing!

What to do in case of frozen pipes

What to Do:

Contact a Plumber:

  • Contact a licensed plumber with thawing equipment immediately. Residents are reminded that all underground water and sewer services on private property to the lot line are the responsibility of the property owner.

When to Call Champlain Township:

  • If the plumber onsite is unable to thaw your water service with their equipment, you can contact the Township to determine the next course of action. Call the Public Works Department during regular business hours at 613-678-2125 ext. 225.

Additional Tips:

  • While you are without tap water: in addition to obtaining bottled drinking water, consider bringing in buckets of water from neighbours to use for flushing. Melting buckets of snow however is not safe for drinking or bathing, it can be used to flush toilets.
  • Once your water service is thawed, keep constant quarter inch stream of water flowing from a cold water tap until the end of the winter season.

Preventative Tips

Preventative Tips

Winterize Outside Faucets:

  • Properly drain all outside pipes/hose faucets using shut off valves to bleed out water that may remain in the line.

Look for Cold Drafts / Insulate pipes:

  • Look around the home or building for areas that may be vulnerable due to a lack of insulation or heating such as basements, attics, garages, and crawl spaces. The water lines servicing or running through these areas are at risk and should be insulated to avoid freezing.
  • There are several products available that can be used to help avoid the freezing of pipes, which should be handled by a plumbing professional to ensure efficiency and safety.

Consider Leaving Your Water Running:

  • As previously mentioned, keep constant quarter inch stream of water flowing from a cold water tap until the end of the winter season.

Be Prepared When Travelling:

  • Leaving during winter? Keep your thermostat at 15 degrees Celsius or higher, and have someone check your house every day.

Be Prepared:

  • Emergency Management Ontario suggests that each household has at the ready, four litres of fresh water, per person, per day for drinking and bathing.

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