10 trees a year - a young Champlain resident's initiative


Wednesday, April 28 - Parks and Recreation Director Lisa Burroughs had the great pleasure to meet 7-year-old Charlie Kazak, accompanied by his family bubble, on Tuesday, April 27 at Mill Park. With his shovel, fertilizer, potting soil and tree, Charlie came ready to plant a tree at the municipal park in Vankleek Hill. With the help of family members, Charlie dug, cleaned and prepared the ground for his beautiful pine tree.

Charlie Kazak, 7 years old, recently moved to Champlain from Hamilton. Charlie is passionate about science, art, environment, anthropology and ancient Egypt. As part of The Review's Earth Day contest, Charlie had the bright idea to plant 10 trees each year for his community and the environment. 

" I would love to start a tree planting program, planting all different types of trees in many empty spaces helping create more shade and clean air for all of us in Vankleek Hill. Birds need trees, squirrels need trees, insects need trees and people need trees, we all need more trees. Scientist say that people who see a lot of trees everyday are happier, kids who are around more trees are not only happier but more focused when it comes to learning and growing.  Lets create a TREE WAVE here, there and everywhere! " - Charlie Kazak, yound resident of Champlain

Charlie invites other kids who don't have the space to plant a tree to visit Tree Canada and contribute to their National Greening Program for only $5 per seedling! Your donation will help plant trees in the five main regions of Canada: Atlantic and Northern, Quebec, Ontario, the Prairies and British Columbia; or One Tree Planted, which is a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate anyone who wants to help the environment by planting trees. One dollar equals one tree, so with 20 dollars, 20 trees will be planted.

"If all 2470 families in Champlain were to join Charlie's Tree Wave, 24,700 new trees would be planted. Let's take a leaf out of the young generation's book for our future generations, and plant some trees! Thank you to the Kazak family for this wonderful initiative, it was a real pleasure to meet Charlie and his dynamic and engaging family." - Lisa Burroughs, Director of Recreation and Parks.

Thank you to Charlie's family: his parents Dima Kazak and Charlotte Winchester, his little sister June Kazak, his grandparents Tim Winchester and Susie Fairbrother and his granduncle Tom Fairbrother
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Charlie in actionCharlie and his pine treeCharlie in actionCharlie and his familyCharlie in actionCharlie and his shovel