Budget 2021

A 2021 Budget Focused on Roads and Economic Development


Champlain, February 10, 2021 – The Township of Champlain’s 2021 budget has been approved. On January 14, 2021, council voted to accept an investment of $6,078,660 in capital projects and $14,490,820 through the operating budget that provides the day-to-day delivery of services and programs to Champlain residents.

For 2021, the property tax rate is increased by 1.65%.

For a house with a property assessment of $200,000, the increase represents $38.48:

  • $30.28 for the municipal portion (2.5%)
  • $8.20 for United Counties portion (1%).

 “I’m very pleased with the result of the works of our elected representatives and department’s heads, who delivered a budget commensurate with our residents’ ability to pay, while continuing essential infrastructure maintenance,” said Mayor Normand Riopel.

Ms. Paula Knudsen, Chief Administrative Officer, added that the budget approval will allow the Township to complete several projects that will allow the administration to provide a high level of service and to maintain the existing infrastructure while planning for the future.

Highlights of the 2021 Budget

  • Several grants for capital projects for a total of $720,000 (excluding King Street project).
  • Major investment in roads:
    • $2.24 M grant from the federal and provincial governments for the rehabilitation of King Street. The United Counties of Prescott and Russell will fund 50% of some costs. The non-subsidized portion is $830,996.
    • Stephens and St-Denis Streets—$1.34M for surface rehabilitation and water and sewer systems.
    • Sandy Hill Road and Pattee Road fissures sealing—$60,000.
    • New play structure in Miner Park—$75,000.
    • Arena lights change to LED for energy and cost savings—$70,000.
    • New corporative and economic development strategic plans—$69,300.
    • Phase II of the community improvement plan for business owners—$7,500.
    • Community Grants Program—$50,000.

The budget also includes $1,019,296 allocated to debt service payments, which represents a reduction of $44,750. Your municipal budget funds services and programs in diverse sectors such as roads, police department, fire services, social and family services, garbage and recycling collection, parks and recreation programs, snow clearing, planning and economic development.