Champlain Firefighters are Recognized and Honoured at 2023 Awards Ceremony

September 15, 2023, Township of Champlain – The 2023 Champlain Firefighters’ Recognition Ceremony took place during last night’s Council Committee of the Whole meeting where 50 of Champlain’s current and recently retired firefighters were honoured for their exemplary service to the community of Champlain Township.

Out of Champlain’s 50 firefighters, 14 were highlighted for having reached important milestones in their careers and awarded medals, bars, and certificates for their years of service.  Those having attained 20 years of service received a federal Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal, whereas those having attained 25 years of service received the provincial Fire Services Long Service Medal. Firefighters having reached over 25 years of service, received a service bar for every 5 years to be added to their medal ribbon. Below are the 2023 recipients:

20 Years of service

  • Patrick Bernier         Deputy District-Chief,       L’Orignal                   
  • Richard Sincennes  District Chief,                       L’Orignal                   
  • Benoit Larocque      Captain                                 L’Orignal                   
  • Stéphane Pépin       Captain                                 L’Orignal       
  • Marc Brunet              Firefighter                             Vankleek Hill            
  • Greg Lydiate            Firefighter                             Vankleek Hill            
  • Kevin Bernique         Safety Officer                      Vankleek Hill            

30 Years of service

  • Mark Henderson      Captain                                 Vankleek Hill            
  • Jeffrey Carkner       Deputy District-Chief        Vankleek Hill            
  • Eric Jaring                 Firefighter                             Vankleek Hill            
  • James Cowan          Captain                                  Vankleek Hill            
  • Louis Turcotte         Captain (Retired)                Vankleek Hill            
  • Michel Martin           District Chief                        Vankleek Hill            

40 Years of service

  • Ernest Roebuck       Captain (Retired)                Vankleek Hill            

“It is a privilege to honour the men that put their lives at risk every day for the sake of their community. On behalf of Council and myself, we thank them for their service and extend our heartfelt congratulations to those who have been awarded for their outstanding years of service,“ expressed Mayor Normand Riopel.

Champlain Township also wishes to extend its congratulations to its 2023 award recipients and its deepest gratitude to all its firefighters for their past and continued service.

14 2023 Firefighter Award Recipients in uniformThe 2023 Firefighters' Recognition Ceremony Award Recipients
Left to right: Richard Sincennes (District Chief, L'Orignal), Stéphane Pépin (Captain, L'Orignal), Patrick Bernier (Deputy District Chief, L'Orignal),  Jeffrey Carkner (Deputy District Chief, VKH), Louis Turcotte (retired Captain, VKH), Benoit Larocque (Captain, L'Orignal), Ghislain Pigeon (Director), James Cowan (Captain, VKH), Michel Martin (District Chief, VKH) Marc Brunet (Firefighter, VKH), Eric Jaring (Firefighter, VKH), Kevin Bernique (Safety Officer, VKH), Marc Henderson (Captain, VKH), Greg Lydiate (Firefighter, VKH) and Ernest Roebuck (retired Captain, VKH).