Champlain Releases its New Special Events Guide

Champlain, August 25, 2022 - A new policy for the organization of festivals and events held in Champlain was presented to Champlain Township Council at the May 12, 2022, meeting. This new guide intended for event organizers includes in a single manual all the policies and procedures used by the various agencies and departments within the Township of Champlain to process applications for Special Events. The management of these Special Events requires that municipal staff liaise with Event Organizers to ensure safe and appropriate operation.

"We recognize the significant contribution that events have on the community of our Township, starting with the quality of life of our residents, the positive impact on the local economy and the local and regional exposure that they bring to Champlain. These Guidelines provide effective support to event organizers so that we can offer residents and visitors an improved and diversified program," said Normand Riopel, Mayor of Champlain.

Most Special Events represent a major investment of time and money. When well-conceived and planned, they can bring rewarding dividends to the organizers and the Township of Champlain. Successful events do not just happen. They are a result of responsible leadership, careful advance planning, good organization, provision against the unexpected, and methodical "follow through" on details.

“Each year, the Township of Champlain receives many requests from individuals and groups to operate Special Events on Municipal roads, public parks, and municipal facilities. These events vary in scope, purpose, size, cost and complexity. Previously, organizers had to reach out to individual departments and external agencies to make sure their event could happen. Now, with the designation of a community events coordinator and the guide in place, event organizers have access to all the relevant information and a point person within the township." added Zoe Fortin-Larocque, who has been assigned as Community Events Coordinator.

The Special Events Guide provides a comprehensive overview of municipal and government regulations that may apply to events: facility inspection, emergency response and planning, lottery and raffle licenses, use of municipal facilities, road closures, locates, insurance requirements, electrical safety, inflatable and amusement ride certifications, music rights, liquor licenses, food concession inspections, responsible animal care, promotion and advertising, noise restrictions, traffic management, risk management, safety and first aid, parking and washroom requirements, and much more.

Organizers who would like to hold an event in Champlain must fill out a special event application at least 120 days prior to the event at

The application process and guide are available at

For more information, contact Zoe Fortin-Larocque, Communications Specialist (and Community Events Coordinator) at or 613 678-3003 ext. 234.