Message From the Mayor Following the Storm

Champlain, June 1, 2022 - Victoria Day 2022 weekend will be remembered for some time!  Many celebrations and plans were altered or cancelled due to this severe storm that passed through our region on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I am so very proud of the grace, patience, and spirit of helping others that emerged through it all.

Many residents went without electricity for many days.  In the countryside, that meant no water pump, no potable water, and no water for the toilets.  This used to be the way of life for our ancestors, how lucky we are in today’s age and very often do not appreciate all the conveniences we have.

I would like to say THANK YOU and express our most sincere appreciation for the hard work, long hours and devotion to the following people/organizations performed during this disaster:

Public Works employees who worked throughout the weekend and the following days to clear the roads and debris to ensure the safety of road users and residents.

Parks and Recreation employees who also worked many hours over the weekend to clean up the parks and campground to make them safe for visitors and families.

Volunteer firefighters who assisted residents 24 hours a day for several days to supply residents with water, operate water pumps and lending generators to retirement homes.

Hydro One crews and neighboring Hydro crews who worked long consecutive hours to restore power to our residents as quickly as possible.

Private contractors who assisted Hydro One and helped with tree trimming to secure properties.

Municipal administration staff who answered multiple requests and reacted quickly with additional measures to support our residents.

And last but not least, to our valued residents who showed solidarity, cooperation, resilience even though they suffered significant damage to their properties during this disaster and to all others who lent a helping hand to our community.


Normand Riopel, Mayor
Champlain Township