New Director of Fire Services

The Township of Champlain welcomes its new Director of Fire Services

Champlain, December 15, 2020. - The new Director of Fire Services, Ghislain Pigeon, whose hiring was approved at the December 10 municipal council meeting, first started on December 14. Mr. Pigeon fills the vacant position as Director since 2012.

Fire Chief of the Hawkesbury Fire Department from 2001 to 2015, the new Director of Fire Services began his career in administration of fire safety in the 2000s by sitting on various Ontario fire safety committees. Following various school programs such as the Canadian Emergency Preparedness College and the Ontario Fire College, Mr. Pigeon held the positions of volunteer firefighter, permanent firefighter, fire prevention officer, and fire departments coordinator in various municipalities for more than 40 years. In 2015, he left the Hawkesbury Fire Department to become Fire Chief of the Brockville Fire Department.

In making the announcement, Champlain Mayor, Normand Riopel noted the new Director's competence. "I believe that Mr. Pigeon has all the qualities for this position, knowing the fire safety community, the union environment, and the department. I am convinced that he will do an excellent job at the head of our fire department, which will ensure cohesion between the two fire stations and support the chiefs and captains, for the benefit and the safety of all our citizens.”

"I am proud to join the Township of Champlain and to manage its fire department. I already know many firefighters, I believe that the Township has a very good team at the fire department, we will be able to work together to ensure that we offer a professional service to our citizens. "said the new Director of Fire Services, Ghislain Pigeon.

Reporting to the C.A.O., the new Director will be responsible for leading, managing, planning, and overseeing all aspects of the Fire Department, including the operation and management of the two stations in the township. Mr. Pigeon will be responsible for the two district chiefs, two deputy chiefs, seven captains, and approximately 40 volunteer firefighters. The Chief Administrative Officer, Ms. Knudsen, is “happy to now have a resource with so much expertise as Mr. Pigeon and she is pleased to have him on the management team.” His office will be located at 927 County Road 17, in the Construction and By-laws Office. The Fire Services Director will eventually take over from Dan Holmes, Community Emergency Management Coordinator (CCEMC), and will administer the local emergency plan and health and safety initiatives for the Township. The Township would like to thank Mr. Holmes for his dedication and involvement during his many years with the Township.

The Township of Champlain would also like to warmly thank Richard Sincennes and Michel Martin, District Chiefs, who performed many tasks in the absence of a director. Mr. Sincennes and Mr. Martin remain employed by the Township as District Chief.

Ghislain Pigeon