Notice to property owners along High Street ( Highway 34)


This notice is to update you on the progress and other important matters related to the reconstruction of High Street (Highway 34) in Vankleek Hill.

Schedule & Completion Date 

The project was initially scheduled to be completed in mid-November, however it is quite apparent that this completion date will not be met as much work remains to be done.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Contractor was unable to start the project in June as scheduled. A limited amount of work was completed in June and July; however, the Contractor was unable to start with the full extent of the work until August.

Since the project was off to a slow start and work was supposed to be completed in 2018, the decision was made to delay some work until the spring of 2019. For this reason, the asphalt and sidewalks on High St between Wall Street and Methot Street were not removed. This section of road, along with any other remaining work, will be completed in 2019.   

Temporary Water Supply

The Contractor has very recently completed the installation of the underground water services for the properties on the west side of the road between Wall Street and Russell Street. Pressure testing, chlorination and bacteriological testing of the watermain & services will be done in the coming days and test results are expected to be reviewed on the week of November 19. The permanent watermain will be brought back online and the temporary water supply system will be removed at that time if the test results are acceptable. The boil water advisory will also be lifted at that time  and Champlain Township will deliver a letter to all the residents in the affected area advising them that the precautionary boil water advisory is lifted.  

We are aware that numerous residents have had issues with freezing services, even with the flowing taps/services, and that freezing temperatures are again forecasted for the coming days/nights.

Please contact the Contractor at their emergency number (613) 932-6571 should any issue arise with your temporary potable water supply. 

Road Closure

We are aware that the road closure has caused residents and businesses much grief, and we regret that the closure had to be prolonged. The longer closure was allowed so that the Contractor could expedite the remaining underground work as needed for the weather-sensitive work to occur this year. We are striving to reopen Highway 34 as soon as possible.  

Driveway Reinstatement

The Contractor is expected to start concrete curbs and sidewalks shortly, after which private driveways can be reinstated. We have instructed the Contractor to reinstate all driveways prior to demobilizing.

We recognize that the quality of the asphalt reinstatement work may be impacted by the low temperatures. We will be reviewing the quality of the asphalt reinstatement next summer, and any unacceptable driveways will be repaired at that time.

Project Facebook Page

Further updates will be posted on our Facebook page, which can be accessed from the following link:

We again apologize for this inconvenience and would like to thank you for your continued patience.

Should you have any questions or concerns with the above, please communicate with the General Contractor or Project Manager at:

General Contractor                                 

Jason Grant                                               
Cornwall Gravel Co. Ltd.                             
390 Eleventh St. W, Cornwall ON               
Telephone & Emergency: (613) 932-6571 


Project Manager

François Lafleur, P.Eng.
EVB Engineering 
208 Pitt St., Cornwall ON K6J 3P6   
Telephone: (613) 935-3775, ext. 240