Spring Clean Up Season

Champlain, March 22, 2021— The nice weather is coming! It is therefore very tempting to start the spring clean up and even some renovations. Especially now that we have more time for these types of activities. Please respect regulations and make sure you know when the special collections are.

Annual Large Waste Items—Special Collection

Goodbye to your sofa, your furniture, your mattress, and your non-refrigerating appliances that clutter your home. Place all items no later than 6 a.m. on the Monday of the respective week identified below and not earlier than the weekend prior to your scheduled pickup. No vehicles will return to an area if pickup has already occurred. Visit our website for a comprehensive list of accepted items.


Special Collection Week

Vankleek Hill (Ward 1) & West Hawkesbury (Ward 4)
South of Greenlane Road East and West including that section of Provincial Highway 34 to Provincial Highway 417 (including Greenlane Road East and West)

Week of May 10, 2021

L’Orignal (Ward 2) & West Hawkesbury (Ward 4)
North of Greenlane Road East and West including that section of Provincial Highway 34 (excluding Greenlane Road East and West)

Week of May 17, 2021

Longueuil (Ward 3)

Week of May 24, 2021

Building Materials and Renovation Waste Products

Construction and renovation materials will not be collected at the annual large waste items special collection or at the fall compost collection. It is also prohibited to set an open fire with construction materials made of or containing rubber, plastic, paint petroleum, tar, chemical wastes, pressure-treated wood, synthetic or man-made materials or any other materials considered to create excessive smoke or smell. Please bring all construction materials to the municipal landfill. Visit our website for more information.

Electronic and Electrical Equipment

Electronic and electrical equipment will be collected by Recycle-Action the same week as the annual large waste items special collection. Please separate electronic and electric equipment from the other household garbage at the curbside. Visit our website for a comprehensive list of accepted equipment.

Household Hazardous Waste

Household hazardous waste are items or objects that are harmful to your health and the environment if they are thrown in the trash or in the sewers. The Township of Champlain, in partnership with the Town of Hawkesbury and East Hawkesbury Township, usually collects hazardous household waste for free twice a year at the sewage plant in Hawkesbury (815 Main Street East). Unfortunately, the collection scheduled for May 1st is cancelled due to the provincial state of emergency.  Visit our website for a comprehensive list of accepted products.

Municipal Landfill

Residents can bring items to the landfill as per the list of acceptable materials via a pickup truck, car and trailer every Saturday from May 1st to November 6 between 9 a.m. and noon. Appliances (fridge, stoves, etc.) and tires with rims will be charged as per the usual fees. Visit our website for landfill rates.

Open Air Burning

Champlain Township is advising residents to contact them regarding any restrictions governing open air burning, before starting any fires or burning brush.

“With spring outdoor cleanup starting, we know some folks choose to burn brush and yard debris on their property,” explained Ghislain Pigeon, Director of Fire Service. Cleaning up debris and limiting the level of flammable vegetation surrounding your home is a good practice. But make sure the way you do it is safe—for you, your home, your neighbours, and the surrounding area.

A fire permit is required with specific conditions for burning. The permit costs $10 and shall not be issued for a period greater than seven (7) consecutive days. Burning (fire or smoke) must not create a nuisance to neighbouring properties. Open fires set directly to grass, weeds, leaves or other crops are strictly prohibited. It is also strictly prohibited to burn tires and household waste. All fires must be at a minimum distance of 100 feet from any building and can only burn one cubic metre of material at a time. Extinguishers or water must be available on site at all times during the fire and fires shall be supervised at all times and never be left unattended.

“Whether in the backyard of your home, the cottage or at a campground, make fire safety a priority,” said Mr. Pigeon. “Open air burning, especially if left unattended, can become difficult to control and can result in a serious widespread fire.”

Always keep fire safety in mind, contact the Township at 613 675-4727 for more information or any questions you have about our open air burning requirements.

Visit our website for more information on the special collections. Municipal waste collection services are essential to the quality of life in our communities, to our health and to the protection of the environment. Thank you for helping to keep our Township clean and green!