Spring Hydrant Flushing

Flushing of the municipal water system will begin on Wednesday, May 3 and continue during the next few weeks.

This procedure will remove accumulated rust from the watermain that may have formed on the pipe walls. The water flow is increased and the water is flushed through the hydrants. Operations are performed using predetermined flushing routes that facilitate a better cleaning. This procedure is essential to ensure optimal system performance and excellent drinking water quality.

The flushing of water mains does not cause any water cuts for residents and has no impact on water consumption. Consequently this could result in a temporary drop in pressure or possible water discoloration (slight reddish colour). It is recommended to check the condition of the water before doing laundry, as rusty water could stain clothes.

If the water is cloudy or discolored, it can be cleared up by running a cold water tap for a short period of time (about 15 minutes) or until it becomes colorless again.

For more information, please contact Public Works department at public.works@champlain.ca or 613 678-3003 ext. 225.