Winter Maintenance

The Township is committed to working to achieve our goals to promote awareness and improve safety.  Below, you will find some helpful information to guide you through the winter season.

Driveway Winter Maintenance

Clearing the area to the right of your driveway (as seen in the diagram below “CLEAR AREA”), gives the snow on the plow blade a place to go and this should help to reduce the amount of snow that is deposited back into the end of your driveway.

Diagram that demonstrates the apporiate way to remove snow from your driveway. Snowplow heading west on a street with a driveway on its right. Clear area is on the left side of the driveway and the pile snow should be on the right of the driveway

The Township of Champlain would also like to remind you that as per By-Law 2001-29 section 2(d);

No person shall, unless otherwise authorized by the provisions of this or any other by-law of the Corporation, throw, place or deposit, or permit to be thrown, placed or deposited, snow and/or ice on any highway, sidewalk, bridge or ditch. 

Mailbox Winter Maintenance

During winter operations, snow ploughing vehicles or the pushing of snow may result in the damage of mailboxes located on municipal roads. Mailboxes are considered an obstruction on municipal roads and are permitted as a convenience since Canada Post rural delivery service will not enter within private driveways. As such, the Township of Champlain Road Department employees and contractors will attempt to avoid any destruction or damages to private mailboxes, however, will not be responsible for the replacement, installation, or reimbursement of costs for damages to mail boxes.

Residents are advised to ensure the proper location and rigid construction of their mail boxes to avoid any inconvenience.

Snowplow Safety

Snowplow have large blind spots. If you cannot see the snowplow driver's reflection in his side mirror, you are in the snowplow driver's blind spot and they cannot see you. Please, drive safely.

Diagram that demonstrate a snow plow blind spot. Snowplow on a road, blindspot are all the way behind it and on each side of it. Cars should follow snowplow on the two lane on the side behind the truck.