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About the Project

Champlain Township was created on January 1, 1998, as the result of municipal merger of four former municipalities: The Village of L'Orignal, The Town of Vankleek Hill, The Township of Longueuil and The Township of West Hawkesbury. The Township of Champlain has two distinct settlement areas – L’Orignal and Vankleek Hill, each with its own history, settlement pattern, architectural style and economic development opportunities.

The Prescott Russell Economic Development Strategy and the Official Plan for the Urban Areas of the Township of Champlain recognise the potential for re-investment in these traditional village areas and have policies which are aligned with the Community Improvement Planning Framework.

The Champlain Community Improvement Plan will include a set of recommendations, tools and strategies aimed at increasing the investment attractiveness of the community’s village areas. Although provided as a single plan, the project will develop a separate set of recommendations for each of these urban areas. The village areas to form part of the Community Improvement Plan will be determined by the Project Team in consultation with the Project Steering Committee and workshop participants. It is anticipated that the recommendations and findings of this report will highlight opportunities for tourism development and cultural industries in these areas.

The Community Improvement Plan will include: analysis of the existing urban context, workshop findings, village area value proposition, planning recommendations, financial incentives, priority areas and a recommended boundary area. The Township of Champlain Community Improvement Plan will pay special attention to strategies and tools which encourage creative and cultural industries in these areas. Strategic focus of the plan will be on creativity and tourism development.

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Project Implementation Timeline (2020-2021)

The launch of Champlain’s CIP project in 2020 was delayed as a result of COVID 19 Emergency. Champlain Township is now in a position to move forward with project development for completion in early 2021.

To promote public safety during the pandemic, steering committee meetings and community workshops for the project will be held electronically. Champlain Township will periodically update this webpage as draft documents and reports and meeting minutes become available.

Phase 1 - 2020

  • Contract Agreement Signed with Planning Consultants
  • Inaugural Meeting Council Steering Committee
  • Analysis and Review Settlement Areas

  • Committee Finalised

  • Maps Draft Improvement Areas

  • Final Draft – CIP Background Report 
  • Steering Committee Meeting – Dec 7 2020 
  • 2020 Budget Discussions
  • Project Website Updated
  • Pre-Consult with Ministry and Community 

Phase 2 (on Hold)

  • Virtual Project Workshop with Business Community and Stakeholder Groups
  • Notifications of public meeting
  • Revisions to Program Scope, and Financial Incentives as Required based on Initial discussions
  • Steering Committee meeting
  • Public meeting
  • Revisions to Program Scope and Financial Incentives as Required
  • End of Public Consultation
  • Draft bylaws finalized
  • Community Improvement Plan – Presented to Council for Final Adoption
  • Promotional Materials Created
  • Grant Application Intake Begins
  • Appointment of Grant Selection Committee

Community Improvement Plan Steering Committee Documents

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