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Draft Community Strategic Plan Draft Economic Development StrategyTechnical ReportSOARR Analysis



Champlain Township is currently developing a Strategic Plan to guide municipal service delivery and establish priorities.  The plan, which encompasses both a municipal corporate plan and an economic development plan, will provide action-oriented tools to Champlain Township to help the community build a prosperous future. 

This Strategic Plan will be endorsed by the community through Council; however, will involve extensive public consultation and up to date economic research.

 Project Team
Jordan Tidey MDB Insight - Senior Consultant
Trudy Parsons MDB Insight - Executive Vice-President
Kai Liepins MDB Insight - Research Analyst
Martin Lacelle MDB Insight - Sub-Consultant
Erik Lockhart MDB Insight - Sub-Consultant
Jennifer Laforest   Champlain Township - Senior Planner
Paula Knudsen Champlain Township - CAO
Zoe Fortin

Champlain Township - Communications Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Strategic Plan?

A strategic plan is a document that guides a group’s decision making process to achieve desired goals.[1] It is frequently used by public and private organizations to direct growth and future investment.

Strategic planning is a process. It involves getting input from many individuals and from many organizations. It provides the opportunity to incorporate new ideas and approaches.[1]

Why does Champlain Township needs a Strategic Plan?

Champlain Township does not currently have a strategic plan. Strategic planning including market analysis, community consultation and local priority identification is a prerequisite for economic development. It is also required in order to substantiate applications for grants and external funding.

The Economic Development Strategic Plan will provide a long-term plan for attracting new jobs, retain business, and foster economic growth in the Township. Ensuring that Champlain is an attractive place to locate new and expanding businesses is important to being a prosperous and complete community.  Creating a plan of how to encourage and maintain economic growth in the Township will be a key part of our future.

How can I get involved? 

Whether you are a resident, an employee, a property owner business or investor, your input on community strategic priorities is important to us. Each property owner will receive a notice card to complete a survey as part of the Tax Notice to be mailed at the beginning of March 2021.

If you are concerned that you will not receive this survey, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Champlain Township. You can reach us during regular business hours at 613-678-3003 ex. 234.

What is the difference between a Strategic Plan and a Community Improvement Plan? 

A strategic plan is a document that guides decisions. Champlain’s strategic plan will provide guidance on corporate structure and economic development. The strategic plan is executed by technical experts in municipal organizational development based on the direction provided by Council.

The community improvement plan is a plan which addresses a specific neighbourhood or area which is underperforming or where barriers exist for business development. Through the adoption of this plan, Council can acquire, dispose, intervene and otherwise provide direct financial support to stimulate re-investment. 

Project Schedule

In November 2020, Champlain Township announced MDB Insight as the successful respondent to Champlain Township’s Request for Proposals – Strategic Plan.   A contract services agreement was executed in December 2020.  The project development is anticipated to take 9 months- beginning in December and ending by September 2021.

The project is anticipated to be delivered in three phases.   Phase 1 and 2 has largely been completed.  Phase 3 is underway.

Phase 1 - December to February

Council "Start up" project meeting December 5, 2020
Approve workplan December 7, 2020
Communications and consultation plan December 7, 2020
MDB presentation to Council January 5, 2021
Common themes matrix March 1, 2021 √ 

Phase 2 - February to May

Reconnaissance interviews January 25, 2021
Interviews with Council members January 29, 2021
Interviews with Township employees February 5, 2021 √ 
Interviews with businesses and key informant February 5, 2021
Resident Survey[2] March 24, 2021
Council strategic plan sessions
Session 1[3] March 2, 2021
Session 2 March 30, 2021
SOARR analysis May 3, 2021 √ 
Summary Report May 3, 2021  √

Phase 3 - April to September

Business workshops April 27 & 29, 2021 √ 
Public forum 1 (resident engagement session) May 12, 2021  √
Council strategic plan session 3 June 1, 2021  √
Public forum 2 (resident engagement session) June 23, 2021 to August 2  
Final strategic plan Council presentation September 3  

[1] Both these definitions are adapted from the OMAFRA Resource Manual on Strategic Planning
[2] Resident Survey will be distributed to Champlain Township residents in conjunction with the Tax Notice.
[3] Council Strategic Planning Session has been postponed from February 2 to March 2, 2021 in order to give the project team more time to analyses interview results. 


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