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Township of Champlain supports property owners and investors by providing advice on a broad range of development applications including local Official Plan Amendments, Zoning By-Law Amendments, Minor Variances, Consent Application Reviews, Site Plan Approvals and Part Lot Control.

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  1. Official Plan
  2. Zoning by-law
  3. Minor variance
  4. Site plan control
  5. Part lot control
  6. Subdivision and servicing agreement
  7. Removal of holding provisions
  8. Planning fees

The Township of Champlain strongly recommends that any investor or property owner considering a development application, pre-consult with the Planning department prior to submitting an application.

The easiest and fastest way to contact the Township planning department is through online service request.

Official Plan

The Official Plan for the Urban Areas of the Township of Champlain establishes a long term vision for development within the village areas of Vankleek Hill and L’Original. The local Official Plan determines the location of housing, industrial uses offices, and shopping as well as goals for infrastructure, growth and community improvement. This local Official Plan was prepared based on the findings provided in the 2012 Land Needs Background Study prepared by JL Richards.

If your project or proposal does not align with the policies contained within the local Official Plan, you will require an Official Plan Amendment. 

Documents and Application Form

Official Plan for the Urban Areas of the Township of Champlain (Bylaw 2012-85)

Official Plan Appendix A Village Design Guidelines

Background Land Needs Study (2012)

Land Use Designation (Schedule A1) – L’Orignal

Urban Area (Schedule A2) – L’Orignal

Separation Distances for Ivaco Rolling Mills (Schedule A3)- L’Orignal

Land Use Designation (Schedule B1) – Vankleek Hill

Urban Area (Schedule B2) – Vankleek Hill

Application Form - Official Plan Modification

Zoning By-Law

Zoning by-laws are the implementing tool for the Official Plans. The Zoning By-law directs how individual land and parcels may be used, where buildings may be located, what type of building is permitted as well as building height, parking ratios and setbacks.

If your project does not align with the regulations contained within the Township of Champlain Zoning By-Law 2000-75, you will require an application for a Zoning By-Law Amendment.


Township of Champlain Zoning By-Law 2000-75 

Schedule A. Longueuil ZBL (April 9, 2018 version)

Schedule B. West Hawkesbury North ZBL (April 9, 2018 version)

Schedule C. West Hawkesbury South ZBL (April 9, 2018 version)

Schedule D. Vankleek Hill ZBL (April 9, 2018 version)

Schedule E. L'Orignal ZBL (April 9, 2018 version)

Application Form

Minor Variance

A minor variance is a small variation from the requirements of the zoning bylaw. In order to qualify for a minor variance, the proposal must continue to conform to the applicable Official Plan policies. A minor variance approval is a certificate of permission, allowing a property owner to obtain a building permit if specific criteria can be met. In most cases, an application for minor variance must be accompanied with necessary supporting materials, including a proposed site plan, survey and/or other technical studies. Minor variances are approved by the Committee of Adjustment.

Township of Champlain Committee of Adjustment By-Law 2015-12 and Terms of Reference Schedule

Township of Champlain Committee of Adjustment Appointing By-Law 2023-03

Application Form

Site Plan Control

Site plan control bylaws are planning tools used to establish areas where site plan control will be applied. The entire geographical area of the Corporation of the Township of Champlain is designated as a site plan control area. Approval of plans and drawings is required in accordance with Section 41 of the Planning Act before development is undertaken. This bylaw primarily applies to large residential projects, commercial development and industrial development. 

Additional legal fees may apply. Pre-consultation is required prior to application for Site Plan Approval.

 Documents and Application

Township of Champlain Site Plan Control (By-law 2018-11)

Site Plan and Subdivision Design Guidelines

Application Form

Part Lot Control

Part Lot Control is a provision under the Planning Act that regulates the transfer or sale of part of a lot or block within a registered plan of subdivision. The Town uses this provision to prevent the further dividing of lots or blocks within a plan of subdivision, after that plan has been registered.


Application Form

Subdivision and Servicing Agreement

In the Township of Champlain, the United Counties of Prescott and Russell are the Approval Authority for draft plans of subdivision. Once a draft plan of subdivision is approved, the developer may be required to sign a subdivision agreement with the Township of Champlain. This subdivision agreement outlines the extent of services such as sidewalks, utilities, and roads are provided by the developer.

Additional legal fees associated with the registration of these agreements may apply. The Township of Champlain also charges fees per dwelling unit  or block or a minimum amount based on the draft plan of subdivision as part of the subdivision agreement.


Township of Champlain Pre-Servicing Policy (By-law 2014-52) 

Removal of Holding (H) Provisions

Holding designations and by-laws allow future uses for land or buildings but delay development until, for example, local services, such as roads, are in place. Existing holding designations are identified in the zoning by-law and schedules. Holding provisions may only be removed upon the submission of necessary reports and/or completion of required subdivision or servicing agreement.


Application Form - Removal of Holding Provisions

Planning Fees

Note: Applicant to pay legal fees for all agreements /by-laws that are to be registered on title.

Any and all fees incurred by the municipality for the review and approval of the studies and analysis supporting the revision of a development application shall be assumed by the applicant.

Official Plan Amendments Fees

Official Plan Amendments Fees per Application Type
Application Type Fees [1]
Consultation Fee on Development Application $0 + Engineering and Expert Fees
Amendment to the United Counties of Prescott and Russell Official Plan (Municipal Review Fee) $500.00
Amendment to the Champlain Township Official Plan   $4,800.00
Re-Notification of Public Meeting or Open House at the Request of the Applicant/Proponent $600.00

 Zoning By-Law Amendments Fees

Zoning By-Law Amendments Fees per Application Type
Application Type Fees [1]

Consultation Fee on Development Application

$0 + Engineering and Expert Fees

Champlain Township Zoning By-law Amendment

Combined Local Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment $5,200.00
Zoning By-law Amendment as a Condition of Consent Application 3,250.00
Temporary (T) Zoning By-law Amendment $2,700.00
Removal of Holding Provision (H) Zoning By-law Amendment $900.00

Land Severance Fees

Land Severance Fees per Application Type
Application Type Fees [1]
Consent Review (Municipal Review Fee) $550.00
Consent Agreement $375.00
+ legal fees
Renewal or Extension of Consent Decision following a lapse of Approval $100.00

Minor Variance and Authorizations Fees

Minor Variance and Authorizations Fees 
Application Type Fees [1]
Minor Variance $1,600.00
Part Lot Control By-law / Deeming By-law $375.00
+ legal fees
Easement / Encroachment By-law $375.00
+ legal fees
Easement By-law Amendment $375.00
+ legal fees
Easement By-law as a Condition of Minor Variance, Consent or Site Plan Approval $375.00
+ legal fees

Subdivision Fees

Subdivision Fees 
Application Type Fees [1]

Consultation Fee on Development Application (Subdivisions and Plan of Condominium)

$0 + Engineering and Expert Fees

Draft Plan of Subdivision (Municipal Review Fee)  

Revision to Draft Plan of Subdivision Following Decision by Approval Authority $500.00
Re-Submission of Draft Plan of Subdivision Following Decision by Approval Authority $500.00
Re-Submission of Draft Plan of Subdivision Following Lapse of Approval $500.00
Revision to M-PLAN that is not deemed to be a plan of subdivision $1,000.00
Pre-Servicing Agreement $1,000.00
+ legal fees
Front Ending Agreement  $2,000.00
+ legal fees
Cost Sharing Agreement $1,000.00
+ legal fees
Subdivision Agreement $4,000.00
+ legal fees+Engineering fees

Subdivision Approval Fee

To be paid prior to a pre-servicing, front-ending, cost sharing or subdivision agreement
$150.00/Dwelling Unit or Block
or min. $3,500.00

Amendment to Subdivision Agreement 

+ legal fees

Lifting Foot Reserve

+ legal fees

Appraisal Services – Parkland Dedication

Actual Cost of Appraisal Services

Red Line Revision Comments to the UCPR or LPAT


Release of Inhibiting Orders

+ legal fees

Plan of Condominium

$150.00/Dwelling Unit or Block
or min. $3,500.00

Exemption to a Plan of Condominium


Condominium Conversion


Site Plan Approval Fees

Site Plan Approval Fees per Application Type
Application Type Fees [1]
Consultation Fee on Development Application $0 + Engineering and Expert Fees
Site Plan Agreement (Excluded from MG or MR Zone) $2,500.00
+ legal fees+Engineering Fees
Site Plan Within Industrial Heavy Zone (MG) or Industrial Rural Zone (MR) $5,000.00
+ legal fees+Engineering Fees
Amendment Site Plan Agreement $500.00
+ legal fees
Amendment to Registered Site Plan Agreement (Addition, Increase to Parking and Loading Areas)  $750.00
+ legal fees
Request for Release of Financial Securities Per request (final request is free) $100.00
 Planning Services Fees
Planning Services Fees per Service Type
Service Type Fees [1]
Zoning Confirmation Letter $100.00
Compliance Certificate $75.00
Sale of Official Plan (Paper Copy) $25.00
Sale of Zoning By-law (Paper Copy) $75.00
Sale of Schedules (11”x17”) $7.00
LPAT Appeal Deposit – Where Council’s Decision is Appealed by a Third Party $2,000.00 per day
Sale of Unopened Road Allowance Costs as per By-law 2014-76

 Deposit Refunds

Deposit Refunds per Timing
When the request is made Refund amount
Before the application is placed on technical circulation 100%
After the technical circulation 30%
After the public meeting Nul

[1]  Taxes not included. Prices are given for information purposes. If there are differences between the rates given on the website and in the User Fees document adopted by Council, the User Fees document shall be taken as correct.

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