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  1. Introduction
  2. Process
  3. Brand Pyramid
    1. Brand Essence
    2. Purpose
    3. How we achieve our mission
    4. Tone
  4. Visual Identity
    1. Usage Guidelines
    2. Brand Elements (Colours)


As part of its 2022-2026 corporate strategic plan and to mark its 25th anniversary, the Township of Champlain has a new brand, which includes a new logo, branding and colours.

Brand Pyramid

The Brand Pyramid is the final articulation of our brand strategy. In addition to informing the design of our new brand identity, it serves as a guide to all communications, internal and external.

Our Brand Essence (what is our core)

Life Connections
  • The value of lifetime relationships.
  • People connecting with people, and lasting relationships.
  • The broader kind of lifestyle people can have in our Township.
  • Young people who may have left, coming back with families.
  • People (re)connecting with nature.
  • Slowing down to connect with what really matters in life.
  • Being connected to both Ottawa and Montréal and having the “city” experience at your fingertips.
  • The kind of place that if you vacation there, you’ll keep coming back every year (for life!).
  • Our Brand Essence is not a tagline and should never be used in public-facing communications. Our Brand Essence serves as an inspiration and a filter for evaluating how we look, act, and present ourselves visually.

Our purpose/mission (the why)

A future secured by the openness, prosperity, and tradition of the community.

Something to strive for.
  • A “safe” community.
  • Reflects our confidence and commitment to a Township that will endure and be strong.
  • The openness of the land and nature.
  • The idea of space, tranquility, and airiness vs. the intensity of urban hustle-bustle.
  • The openness of the people welcoming newcomers, visitors, and businesses.
  • An inclusive community.
  • Growth in business and the economy.
  • Improvement in living standards and lifestyle.
  • Improvements in infrastructure and service delivery.
  • Our history and ways of doing things.
  • Bilingualism.
  • New traditions.

Reflects every aspect of community, whether it’s the entire Township or individual communities – geographic or otherwise.

How we achieve our purpose (the how)

Ensure residents, businesses, and visitors have access to the people, places, and things that will make their experience the most rewarding possible.

A confident tone and steadfast commitment that implies success and achievement.
  • The big connector, locally, regionally, online, or offline.
  • Could also mean things like road maintenance or internet service, and other practical and tactical things.
  • The local municipal government that provides services.
  • Local producers and businesspeople.
  • Friendly residents.
  • People who are together in Champlain.
  • References the attributes, local businesses, and attractions of Champlain.
  • Reflects both commuting to Ottawa and Montréal OR being a convenient escape from those places.
  • The Township economy.
  • Products from local producers and shops, a lunch at a restaurant, or an event.
  • Municipal services like a building permit or business licence, snow removal, etc.
Most rewarding possible
  • This is about positive outcomes.
  • Repeat visits, repeat business, more investment, and positive word-of-mouth.

Our Tone (the way we talk)


Approachable and welcoming to visitors, and with each other in the local community and amongst the various towns in Champlain.

Proud of our Township and being from Champlain.
  • A notion that helps to attract new people, younger visitors, and investors.
  • Can represent and/or attract certain business sectors in science and technology.
  • Includes services that could spur growth like bylaws, permitting, etc.
  • Speaks to how the municipality can embrace technologies and new ways of doing things.
  • Encourages municipal employees and community members to innovate and share ideas, etc.
  • This doesn’t mean turning back on tradition, but it could mean exploring new ways to share those stories, etc.
  • A fun tone, not too business-like or corporate.
  • We take growth seriously, but not ourselves.
  • Joie de vivre.
  • Saying “C’mon on over” instead of “How do you do.”

Our Mission (how we achieve our purpose)

Tone (the way we talk)
  • Sociable
  • Confident
  • Progressive
  • Imaginative
  • Lighthearted
Vision (our purpose)
A future secured by the openness, prosperity, and tradition of the community.
Mission (how we achieve our purpose)
Ensure residents, businesses, and visitors have access to the people, places, and things that will make their experience the most rewarding as possible.
Brand essence (what is our core)
Life Connections

Visual Identity

 Our primary logo, the Champlain logo, is considered the corporate default logo and should be used to present the brand wherever possible.

Usage Guidelines

  • Our full-colour logo should only appear on white, black, or very faint backgrounds in order to ensure the legibility of the logo and its colours.

  • Use the black or white version of the logo when the logo is used over our red and teal brand colours, or secondary brand colours.

  • Use the black or white version of the logo when the logo is used over a coloured background or a photo that is not part of our colour palette, or when colour reproduction is not possible. In all scenarios, ensure a high level of contrast between the background and logo for clear legibility.

  • Our icon can be used as a stand-alone element when minimum logo size requirements cannot be met (for example, social media), or as part of the graphic language. In these scenarios, it is preferred that a full representation of the logo be present within the context of the icon.

  • To provide appropriate visibility and emphasis to our logo, no graphic or typographic elements may encroach on the minimum clear space (equivalent to twice the size of the black circle in the middle of our logo). The minimum clear space is defined by the middle circle in our icon. You may always leave more than the minimum clear space.

  • Logo wordmark should never be smaller than 0.75 inch (100 pixels) width and the icon should never be smaller than 0.25 inch (30 pixels). These measurements are set to maintain the legibility of the logo in various applications. Certain processes may require a larger size to ensure effective reproduction, e.g., embroidery, screen printing.

Brand Elements

Core Brand Colours

Secondary Colour Palette

To get the EPS or PNG high resolution files, or to get a copy of the brand reference guidelines,  please contact the Communication Department (see contact info below). 

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