Ward Boundaries

sunset in an agricultural field

The Township has a four ward system, with two Councillors elected per ward. Geographical features, such as a river or roads, divide some of our Township Wards. The wards are divided based on the four former villages of Vankleek Hill, L'Orignal, Longueuil and West Hawkesbury. L'Orignal and Vankleek Hill are the two urban centers of Champlain, surrounded by the two rural Wards of Longueuil and West Hawkesbury.

Which Ward am I in?

Check your roll number on your tax bill. After the four first digits 0209, the next 3 digits determine your ward. Check the legend below to see which numbers represent which ward; OR

Search your property in the map below; OR

  1.  Click on the square icon- full screen mode (or click here) at the upper right corner of the map to open in a larger map;
  2. Click on the search icon in the red bar at the top right;
  3. Type in your address;
  4. Zoom out to see which ward you live in.
Map and Roll Number Legend
WardColorRoll Number Legend
Vankleek Hill - Ward 1 Yellow 0209010... - 0209020... - 0209030...
L'Orignal - Ward 2 Orange 0209008...
Longueuil - Ward 3 Pink 0209007...
West Hawkesbury - Ward 4 Green 0209006...

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