Cross Country Skiing

Couple doing cross country skiing in a trail

Champlain Township is pleased to have a community group of volunteers, Ski Vent Clic, who maintain and operate over 15 km of ski trails.

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Cross-country skiing is a wonderfully safe and healthy way for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the winter season and the stunning landscapes of Vankleek Hill and the region.

Trail Map

Ski Vent Clic offers a long tour of 13.6 km and a short one of 10.6 km. Parking is available at St-Jude Catholic School or on Higway 34.

Trail map

Access Fees

Vankleek Hill cross country ski trail is a volunteer organisation. Along with the countless hours contributed by ski trail volunteers, the donations and the purchase of ski passes have kept the trails open for over 30 years!

Visit Ski Vent Clic website to make a donation or purchase a pass.

Membership Fees
Type of membershipFees
13 years old and under Free
Family Season Pass $80
Individual Season Pass $40
Day Pass $8

Cross Country Skiers’ Code of Conduct

  • Always stay in control.
  • Observe all signs and posted warnings.
  • Keep off all closed trails.
  • Always ski to the right when passing on-coming skiers and when skiing a double track.
  • On a two-way trail, descending skiers always have the right-of-way.
  • Don’t litter. If you pack it in pack it out…and respect private property.
  • Yield the track to faster skiers or skiers saying “Track”.
  • Stay clear of snow grooming equipment and personnel.
  • Report all accidents.

Contact Information

For more information about cross-country skiing trails, visit Ski-Vent Clic's Facebook page or contact them by email.



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