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Township of Champlain's Fire Burning By-Law regulates the issuing of fire permits, the size of fires and materials you can burn within an open-air fire.

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  1. Fire danger rating
  2. Fire permits
  3. Guidelines for an open air fire
  4. Regulations
  5. Fire Control By-Law
  6.  Fire Permit Application

Fire Danger Rating

The current fire rating is low.

Always check the fire rating before starting a fire. Burning is not permitted during a fire ban. You can subscribe to this page to receive updates when the fire rating changes.

Fire Permits

Prior to burning any material on any property, an application must be filed by the landowner before a fire permit is issued. Certain criteria must be met before obtaining permission to burn. The Township application contains pertinent information that will assist the applicant in burning the material safely.

The fire permit is issued for a period of up to 7 consecutive days and costs $10.

No burning permit is required for an open air fire when:

  • it is in a small confined fire;
  • it is used to cook food;
  • it is in an approved outdoor fireplace and it is supervised at all time.


  1. notify the fire department before setting the fire AND after it is extinguished, by calling the fire dispatch at 613 632-4111;
  2. Make sure fire is not set or continue to burn between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.;
  3. A burning permit may be cancelled or suspended at any time by the Township officer. The permit holder shall extinguish the fire immediately upon receiving the notice;
  4. Even with the benefit of a permit, you are responsible for any damage to property or injury occasioned by your fire and are liable for costs incurred by the Fire Department, including personnel equipment and apparatus necessary and called in to extinguish the fire.


If you don't follow these guidelines, your fire permit may be revoked without a refund and the property owner may be invoiced.

Before setting a fire
  1. An application must be filed by the landowner before a fire permit is issued;
  2. Make sure to have your fire permit on hand, duly signed by a Township officer;
  3. Notify the fire department by calling the fire dispatch at 613 632-4111;
  4. Notify your neighbors of your intentions of setting an open air fire;
  5. Ensure your fire location is 30 meter (100 feet) from any building or uncleared land;
  6. Verify the fire danger rating and if there is a fire ban in effect;


Burning Materials
No person shall set and open fire or closed fire to burn:
  • Household kitchen garbage
  • Directly on grass, hay, leaves or other organic material
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Paint petroleum
  • Tar
  • Chemical wastes
  • Pressure treated wood
  • Synthetic or man-made materials or other materials considered to create excessive smoke or smell
During the fire
  • Only burn one cubic meter of material at a time;
  • Ensure that someone 18 years of age or older is always supervising the fire;
  • Have extinguishment equipment available on site at all times during the fire, such as fire extinguishers, water and/or or shovels;

  • Open air burning shall only occur during daylight hours, except for a campfire or an outdoor fireplace;
  • Extinguish the fire if the speed of the wind and smoke decrease the visibility of the road;
  • Extinguish the fire if the speed of the wind creates a risk of a rapid spread of fire through grass, brush area or wooded area;
  • Extinguish the fire of the wind or the weather condition carries the smoke over other residential properties causing any discomfort and damage to others;
Extinguishing the fire

Notify the fire department when you fire is extinguish, by calling the fire dispatch at 613 632-4111;

Here are some tips for safely extinguishing a fire:

  1. soak the fire with sufficient water
  2. stir the ashes with a long stick to turn over hot coals and ashes
  3. move rocks to find hidden embers
  4. repeat the steps until the ashes stop smoking and hissing

Fire Control By-Law Fire Permit Application

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