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Sacha's park during winter

Parks Are Officially Closed for the Winter!
November 1st to April 15th

DANGER! In colder weather, park equipment surfaces get slippery and the protective surfacing under play equipment freezes and no longer absorbs impact.Try other fun outdoor winter activities!

  • Public Skating and Pick-up Hockey (see Arena webpage)
  • Municipal Outdoor Rinks (see Outdoor Rinks webpage)
  • Cross-Country Ski with Ski-Vent -Clic (see Cross Country Skiing webpage)
  • Bird Watch on the Prescott Russell Recreational Trail

 The Township of Champlain is rural with an extensive resource recreation area. The Township's Parks and Recreation department focuses on family fun throughout the year by organizing fun days which can be enjoyed by the whole family. For more information about the events that are hosted in Town please visit our Special Events page.

Please respect our parks regulations.

Mill Street Park Splash Pad

Mill Street Park

Map Icon36 Mill Street, Vankleek Hill
This park is located adjacent to the Vankleek Hill Community Centre. It includes play structures, ball field, splash pad, outdoor skating rink, gazebo, and many trees for shaded picnics!

L'Orignal Park

Map Icon 772 Front Road, L'Orignal
This park offers various amenities sure to please anyone! It features scenic views of the Ottawa River, small campground, ball field, BMX park, swings, three tennis/pickleball courts, outdoor skating rink, basketball courts, boat launch for smaller sized recreational boats and a beautiful beach with palapas and lounge chairs.
Tennis courts will be fixed in September 2021!

L'Orignal Park public beach
Miner park outdoor rink

Miner Park

Map icon 410 Front Road, West Hawkesbury
This park features play structures, outdoor skating rink and picnic area.
Stay tuned for updates on the NEW play structure to be installed in September 2021!

Sacha's Park

Map icon34 de la Seigneurie, L'Orignal
Sacha's Park is a place where children of all abilities can play together. This park offers  accessible playground equipment, safe and spongy surfacing adapted to mobility, ramping and transfer systems, adaptive swings, splash pad, sensory and interactive stations, and much more.

The park was built in memory of Sacha Chenier, an 11 year old boy who lived in L'Orignal, Ontario. He was severely affected by cerebral palsy and his birth injury also left him blind, epileptic, and with severe cognitive delays. During his lifetime, Sacha was unable to play in most parks as they were not wheelchair accessible. He sadly passed away suddenly on June 9th 2014 due to epilepsy related complications. Sacha's family have pledged $75,000 towards the purchase of property for the park and the balance of funding for equipment and landscaping was obtained through community fund-raising efforts and grants. 

Sacha's Park splash pad
Sacha's Park slide
Sacha's park playground
Picture of Wood Hills Park

Woodhills Park

Map icon 109, Home avenue, Vankleek Hill
This park is tucked away in a beautiful wooded area complete with swings, basketball and ball hockey court, benches and picnic table.

Laurier Pilon Park

Map icon952 King Street, L'Orignal
This park has a gazebo, play structures, swings and picnic area.

Picture of Laurier Pilon Park
Picture of Desjardins Laurentian Park


Map icon 50 Place Laval, West Hawkesbury
This small park features a play structure, swings and green space for picnics.

Tennis Courts

Map icon 5814  Highway 34, Vankleek Hill
Two (2)municipal tennis courts on the premise of the Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute. Stay tuned for updates on the pickleball lines to be painted in September 2021!

Picture of tennis courts
Picture of Town Square Park

Town Square Park

Map icon 39 Main Street, Vankleek Hill
The Vankleek Hill Town Square is dedicated to the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces. The park was the collective efforts of the Federal and Ontario Government and of residents and local groups and organizations that contributed their time and resources. The park features monuments and gardens to be used for Remembrance Day commemorations, a water fountain, benches and a modern landscape.

Prescott and Russell Recreational Trail

Map iconStarting Point: 5140 Highway 34, Vankleek Hill
The Prescott-Russell Recreational Trail spans a distance of 72 kilometres, linking several municipalities of the United Counties with the cycling networks of Quebec and the Ottawa region. Visit Prescott and Russell website for more information.

Prescott and Russell Regional Cycling Map

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