Champlain Township Public Library Building Condition

Champlain, February 24, 2021 – In 1984, the Township took ownership of the building at 94 Main Street East, now known as the Champlain Public Library, originally built in 1856. Restoration work has been done over the years and masonry work was completed to the east side of the building’s exterior wall in 2019. The Township’s asset management plan requires an assessment of all its buildings by July 2023. Consequently, the Township mandated an engineering firm to assess the condition of the building.

A building condition assessment study, submitted to the municipal Council in fall 2019, concluded that the overall condition of the Library building was fair, although it identified variable conditions between the building elements, with several areas identified as requiring repairs and provided a comprehensive 1 to 5-year budget plan to safely address deficiencies in the report.  The report and proposed budget plan are comprehensive and concise with regards to the overall condition of the structure.

Township staff are working closely with the engineering firm to prepare a detailed work plan to address the priority deficiencies and to establish a 1–5-year budget based on the work identified in the report. The Township’s 2021 budget includes $150,000 for repairs to the building. Some of these repairs such as electrical and structural work, as well as the installation of a new fire alarm system are already underway.   Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic a lot of the work has been delayed. 

The Library Board supports the Township’s 2021 investment in the building. We understand how important the library is to our citizens and we will reopen the Library as soon as feasible.

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