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Financial Reports

Every year, an external independent accounting firm audits the Township of Champlain's financial statements and we publish those Annual Financial Statements.  These statements include Audited Financial Statements, as required by the Ontario Municipal Act.  These statements help the Municipality demonstrate responsible management of financial resources through open, transparent, accountable and innovate leadership in local governance. To get a copy of the financial statement, please contact the Finance Department (see bottom of page for contact information).

The Financial Information Return (FIR) is the main data collection tool used by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing to collect financial and statistical information on Municipalities. The FIR is a standard document comprised of a number of Schedules which are updated each year to comply with current legislation and reporting requirements. All Financial Information Return can be found on the Ministry of Municipal Affaires and Housing website.

Asset Management Plan

The Asset Management Plan helps the Township make the best possible decisions regarding the construction, operation, maintenance, renewal, replacement, expansion and disposal of infrastructure assets while minimizing risk and cost to taxpayers and maximizing service delivery.

Asset Management Plan

The Township of Champlain’s infrastructure assets are key resources used to provide services to the public. All of these services contribute to the local economy and improve the quality of life for residents. These include:

  • The provision of a safe and efficient road network;
  • Safe drinking water;
  • Environmentally sound wastewater treatment;
  • Effective waste collection and processing;
  • Efficient and safe fire and rescue;
  • Improved facility management.

Asset Management Plan Documents

Municipal User Fees

Municipal fees and charges are a charge to the user of a specific municipal service, activity or product, or for the use of municipal property.

The purpose of a User Fees and Charges is to recover costs incurred as a result of services provided by the municipality. Most services are as a result of an individual or group needs and not beneficial to the community as a whole. Those services are calculated to recovery costs to provide the services. During the annual budget process, these user fees and charges are reviewed and amended accordingly, to ensure that cost recovery is reviewed and achieved on an economy of scale. Contact the finance department for to get the municipal user fees document.



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