2022-2026 Strategic Plan

Picture of Main Street in Vankleek Hill during the summer

On behalf of the Township of Champlain’s Council and staff, we are excited to share the Township’s Corporate Strategic Plan.  This document serves as a living, breathing plan for Champlain’s future.

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  1. Mission, Vision & Guiding Principles
  2. Strategic Goals

Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles


To lead the delivery of quality and efficient services that establish our Township as a welcoming, healthy community for residents, businesses and visitors.


The Township of Champlain is dedicated to a safe and prosperous community, and a quality lifestyle achieved through our collective, caring leadership, and our bilingual heritage.

Guiding Principles

Transparency and Accountability
The Township is committed to fully transparent and accountable service with an emphasis on openness, listening, integrity and trust.
Respectful, Healthy and Safe Workplace
The Township fosters a safe and respectful work environment that embraces inclusivity, diversity, and a safe and healthy workplace.  
The Township demonstrates decisive leadership  to prioritize opportunities, while applying an evidence-based decision process that reflects the best interest of the community.
Service Excellence, Professionalism and Efficiency
The Township is committed to embracing innovation and technology to efficiently deliver services that provide the highest possible value and return on investment for residents and businesses.

Strategic Goals

Building on the strategic directions, goals and objectives have been developed to help direct future planning.  These goals reflected the vision and desired outcomes that emerged from the strategic planning process and gave a view into the various aspirations of the Township's stakeholders. The priority of sustainable development is influenced by the simultaneous development of the community economic development strategy. Recognizing economic development is the path to sustainable development, quality of life and investment attraction.

  1. Community Identity and Tourism Brand
  2. Community Infrastructure
  3. Value of Services 
  4. Sustainable Development
  5. Broadband Infrastructure
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Community Identity and Tourism

Objective 1: Elevate the Township of Champlain
  • Celebrate the Township of Champlain through clear, consistent messaging and positive reinforcement of community strengths and assets as attractors for residents, businesses, and tourism.
  • Continue to develop a multi-channel communications strategy to share information and engage with citizens, staff, and regional partners (PREDT).
  • Support Champlain's identity by facilitating connections between community and landscape and reinforcing a feeling of belonging among those who work in and make Champlain their home.
Objective 2: Foster a Culture of Inclusivity
  • Support local facilities, programs, and amenities that enable all residents to access and participate in recreation, understand and appreciate local heritage, and enjoy and celebrate local culture.
  • Improve and promote physical, economic, and social links between L'Orignal, Vankleek Hill, the farms and rural areas
Objective 3: Celebrate Tourism Assets and Opportunities
  • Support a community culture that welcomes visitors, residents, and businesses, through collaboration, initiatives, and planned experiences with local service clubs, community groups, businesses, and residents.
Playground with swings

Community Infrastructure

Objective 4: Review and Maintain Assets & Infrastructure Capacity
  • Continue to manage Township assets, projects, programs, and services through appropriate budgeting, planning, forecasting, and reporting.
  • Continue to prioritize the current usage and efficiency of facilities and assets.
Objective 5: Invest in Infrastructure
  • Continue to secure grant funding and community contributions toward significant capital expenditures and programs.
  • Continue to work with regional partners to lobby senior levels of government for financial support of community amenities, services, and programs.
Closeup of a firetruck and ambulance

Value of Services

Objective 6: Continual Service Delivery Review
  • Explore formal and informal opportunities to collaborate across departments for expanded service delivery, reduced cost, and improved community benefit.
  • Ensure ratified recommendations in reports and plans are acted upon on a priority basis to inform annual budgets.
  • Establish a continual service delivery review process that rewards improving return on investment for Township services.

Objective 7: Upgrade Tools and Technology

  • Utilize technology to support the development of service-driven policies and streamline processes.
  • Invest in technology systems to support service delivery (e.g., client relationship management software for business retention and expansion services.)
  • Explore accessing software licences through intermunicipal and provincial programming. (e.g., EMSI through the province of Ontario)
Objective 8: Empower Staff Engagement and Growth
  • Promote a culture that serves and professionally engages internal and external customers by supporting staff decision-making and procedural design.
  • Encourage Township staff to propose, pilot and use cost-effective tools, technology, software, and systems.
A coffee shop on Main Street

Sustainable Development

Objective 9: Support Sustainable Growth
  • Identify preferred expansion areas, sites, and buildings for Industrial, Commercial and Residential growth.  Secure grants to develop feasibility studies and development timelines as per the Township’s official plan.
  • Provide data to regional databases to support investment attraction (A la Carte) and maintain local data to respond to investment inquiries, including (Available land, servicing, access, workforce etc.).
  • Collaborate with regional business retention and expansion programming by connecting businesses to support services.
  • Review the Township's land-use planning policies, business procedures, and protocols to enhance responsiveness and flexibility.
Objective 10: Apply a sustainability lens to all services and projects
  • Design and implement a strategy to address municipal vacant properties.
  • Apply a sustainability lens to all services and projects by tracking environmental indicators (Tree Cover, Parkland, Farmland etc.).
Broadband in rural community

Broadband Infrastructure

Objective 11: Support Enhanced Broadband Speeds and Connectivity
  • Lobby with Municipal Partners to advocate and facilitate the development of a broadband network, allowing businesses and residents to have the necessary access to internet connectivity.
  • Support Grant Funding for Broadband Infrastructure Investments.

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